I’m Ron Handels, a post-doc researcher at the Alzheimer Centrum Limburg at Maastricht University (Netherlands) and associated to the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden). I’m working on health-economic topics in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

ACLMy current research focuses on estimating the (potential) health-economic impact of various innovations for Alzheimer’s disease. These range from the plausible impact of lifestyle and cardiovascular risk programs for the primary prevention of dementia; impact of advanced diagnostic techniques for the (early) identification of Alzheimer’s disease; the potential cost-effectiveness of future disease-modifying treatment; the health-economic effects of untimely access to professional care for dementia.

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Keywords: Health Technology Assessment, health economics, diagnostic evaluation, Alzheimer’s disease, decision making, clinical epidemiology

Last updated: 23-10-2017